Sunset Scents: A Ray of Fragrance

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Limited Edition Scent Bursts (fragranced Beads)

$15.00 – $30.00Select options

Scent Solution Summer 2023 Collection (Home Fragrance Oil)

$9.50Select options

Caribbean Sky Candle

$11.00 – $29.00Select options

Turquoise & Caicos Candle

$11.00 – $29.00Select options

Driftwood Candle

$12.50 – $29.00Select options

Coastal Reef Candle

$24.00 – $29.00Select options

Coffee Candles Limited Edition, Hazelnut and Dark Roast

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Nectarine & Pink Pepper

$22.50 – $27.00Select options

Fizzy Pop Candle

$10.00 – $27.00Select options


$9.50 – $29.00Select options

Why Sunset Scents?

Our long-lasting candles are handmade in the USA with a ray of fragrance from sunrise to well after sunset!


Unlike other candles that only scent the top layer of the wax, our candles are scented from top to bottom to ensure a consistent and strong fragrance experience that goes beyond one room.


We use two wicks for an even burn with no tunneling and no wasted wax stuck to the glass.


Our candles come in divers jars with an easy-to-remove label. They make a beautiful accessory in your home, even after burning your candle.


All our candles feature safety collared wicks, which makes them self-extinguishing to prevent overheating and our wax burns on a low temperature so when you happen to spill melted wax, your skin won’t burn. 


Our candles are handmade in Mesa, Arizona. We won’t settle for less than the highest quality, with up to 160 hours of fragrant burn time.


We only use food-graded and non-GMO wax for the longest and cleanest burn.

“I  love burning this delicious watermelon candle as I relax at home. It is a perfect addition to a summer evening. The color is beautiful and the smell is sweet and fresh. These candles are my favorite and so is Kim.”

Kyla P.

Poway, CA

“Let me tell you that my favorite scent from Gold Canyon was Orange Blossom. Did not think another company would compare to that scent I loved so much UNTIL Sunset Scents made me a believer!!”


San Diego, CA

“Loving this Sunset Scent in Fresh Linen! It’s subtle, not over powering and very inviting. I like that the fragrance doesn’t hang heavy in the air feel stuffy. Very Nice! Thanks for the recommendation and looking forward to getting more and trying new Sunset Scents in the future!”


San Diego, CA

“I just got home with an Orange Blossom Sunset Scents candle and lit it right away. It smells like the actual flower on an orange tree! It’s so pleasant and light, not like the fake orange smell that some candles have. I definitely recommend the Orange Blossom if you’re looking for a nice spring/summer scent.”  


Scottsdale, AZ

“I just received the Fresh Linen candle from Kim’s Sunset Scents and it is amazing!   It burns so cleanly and the scent is wonderful.  It leaves the whole house smelling fresh and clean!  Will definitely purchase more of these for myself and as gifts.”  


Mansfield, TX

“We all love the sugar cookie candle. I got the large size because I knew it would be my favorite!  The scent is enticing and light! Smells like there are cookies being baked all day long!”


Del Sur

“I was so upset when Gold Canyon closed their doors, but Kim has opened her business with smells JUST AS GREAT! I cannot imagine my house without these wonderful smells. Thank you!”


Cincinnati, OH

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