Pick Your Pumpkin! Specialty 22oz Lumie Candle


Calling all Pumpkin Lovers: we poured some extra Pumpkin fragrances this fall in a Limited 22oz Lumie jar available in Pumpkin Bread, Peaches & Pumpkins and Whipped Pumpkin.


These Limited Pumpkin candles were A HIT last year so we HAD to bring them back. Available in 3 different Pumpkin fragrances. Do you love Fruity? Peaches & Pumpkins will be your favorite. Like Spicy? Choose Spicy Pumpkin. And feeling nostalgic? Then the Whipped Pumpkin with Vanilla it is!
We poured all this Pumpkin Love in a 22oz glass jar and each will burn up to 125 hours.

Enjoy Fall, enjoy Picking your Pumpkin!

Peaches & Pumpkins: Fruity notes of soft Peach Puree, baked Pumpkin and Vanilla. Whipped Pumpkin: Nostalgic notes of spicy Pumpkin Mousse, Vanilla and Sugared Ginger. (Similar to Gold Canyon’s White Pumpkin)
Spicy Pumpkin: Spicy notes of Pumpkin, Nutmeg, Orange, Lemon & Oat Milk.

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Peaches & Pumpkin, Pumpkin Bread, Spicy Pumpkin, Whipped Pumpkins


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