Orange Blossoms


I’m proud to present you the first fragrance of our Sunset Scents Collection officially born on May 1st 2020 and luckily added to the Spring 2022 collection: Orange Blossom. Fresh floral notes of delicate Neroli with a hint of Citrus.


Proud part of our Spring 2022 Collection: Orange Blossoms with fresh floral notes of delicate Neroli and a hint of Citrus.

Large candles are 24oz and burn up to 160 hours.

Medium candles are 16oz and burn up to 100 hours.

Mini candles are 5oz and burn up to 40 hours.

Tealights box of 12, which burn 5-7 hours each.



We ship all over the USA for a flat rate of $9.99; all orders above $200 always ship free. Ask for shipping rates to Alaska and Hawaii.

Free local pickup in San Diego, CA is also available.


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Large, Medium, Mini, Tealights

4 reviews for Orange Blossoms

  1. kim wilbers

    Best Floral scent ever!

  2. Sherri

    I’m in love with Orange Blossom!! <3

  3. Deborah

    I just got home with this candle and lit it right away. It smells like the actual flower on an orange tree! It’s so pleasant and light, not like the fake orange smell that some candles have. I have 3 dogs (one puppy) and 2 kids so I needed a good scent around here. I definitely recommend the Orange Blossom if you’re looking for a nice spring/summer scent.

  4. Faun

    Let me tell you that my favorite scent from Gold Canyon was Orange Blossom. Did not think another company would compare to that scent I loved so much UNTIL Sunset Scents made me a believer!!

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