Leopard printed Specialty Candles


This candle makes a beautiful gift to your mom or keep it yourself because which Lady doesn’t like Leopards AND candles??? Available in Sea Lily; fresh, lovely and subtle.


Ok, seriously, which Lady doesn’t like leopard prints? Check out our fancy 12oz. May Specialty Candles inspired on these beautiful animals AND available in 2 delicious Fresh fragrances. Choose from Honeysuckle (sold out) or Sea Lily. But don’t worry, you cannot go wrong with either fragrance!!! Don’t forget to reuse these fancy leopard printed jars after burning the candle, they look beautiful in your home!

Honeysuckle: Comforting notes of soft honeysuckle, violet, musk and sandalwood (sold out)
Sea Lily: Aquatic green notes of lily and violet. Breezy ocean mists with aspects of sea amber and driftwood.

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Honeysuckle, Sea Lily


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