FR Christmas Wreath


Support your non-profit organization with this beautiful candle, they will receive 40% of sales!


Christmas Wreath has earthy notes of Fresh Pine & Balsam Fir: it truly is Christmas wrapped in a little jar!

This Fundraiser Candle comes in a tin jar with lid and is filled with 12oz of fragranced and clean burning wax and has a double wick for even burn.

1 review for FR Christmas Wreath

  1. Cristina

    In my opinion, Ginger Lime is THE best candle ever but wanted to get something “Christmassy” since I was getting a free candle for Black Friday. I bought two of the Christmas Wreath candles and lit one up right away. The scent was so overpowering, I put it out immediately and opened our patio doors. When Kim texted me to check how I like my new candles, I felt bad telling her my experience but she was so kind to offer me a switch. Told her my meds are probably making me hypersensitive to fragrances. Fast forward two days later – got home and the house smelled like Christmas but we don’t even have a tree yet! Asked my son if he lit the candle he bought from Kim and he said no. Imagine my surprise when I found out that, yup, it was Christmas Wreath scent that’s permeating through the entire house! Moral of the story? Give all candles a chance! Thanks, Kim for being so understanding!

    • kim

      Oh my gosh Cristina, I laughed so hard when I heard this! I know you feel like cheating on your favorite Ginger Lime but I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying all Sunset Scents candles!!!

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