Fruity Scents

Pick your own ripe strawberries from a fresh Strawberry Field, talk a walk in an Apple orchard on a brisk morning, buy locally grown fruit on the Farmers Market and remember those great summer picnics with friends and family? Our scented candles from the Fruity Category will bring happiness to your home for sure! 

  • 2022 Sampler Votive Set of 15


    Ever wanted to TRY before you BUY???  We offer a Votive Sampler Set to try out all the available Scents that we have available in our 2022 Collection in full sizes!

  • Apple Blossoms


    Part of our Spring 2022 collection: Apple Blossoms with Blossoming Notes of Plumeria, Apple & Raw Sugarcane.

  • Apple Specialty Candle


    Look at these beautiful Apple Candles! Perfect for a (teacher) gift or just keep one or two for yourself, because how can you choose between great Apples?

  • Christmas Cottage


    Part of our Fall/Winter 2022 collection: Christmas Cottage.

    Fruity notes of Holiday Spiced Apples, Oranges, Nutmeg and Ginger.

  • Citrus Wreath


    Part of our Fall/Winter 2022 Collection!
    Citrus Wreath with Nordic notes of sliced Mandarin, Pineapple and Cool Pine.

  • Cocktails at Sunset Specialty candles


    Beautiful (reusable) cocktail glasses poured with 10oz non-alcoholic candle wax. Available in 3 famous and fruity cocktail tastes/fragrances.

  • Coco Berry Bliss


    Part of our Spring 2022 collection: Budding notes of Lilies, smooth soothing Coconut and powdered Amber.

  • Coconut Lime


    Part of Summer 2022 Collection: Smooth notes of Coconut with fruity Lime Verbana and Vanilla.

  • Crisp Citrus


    Crisp Citrus: Lively Citrus, Juicy Tangerine and Comforting Vanilla.

  • Cucumber Melon


    Cucumber Melon: Refreshing notes of Cucumber, Juicy Melon and seasonal blossoms.