Sunset Candles, for all your long lasting candles with a ray of fragrance from Sunrise to well after Sunset!  We’re proud of our products and would love to hear what you think too. Place your review on our business site and share the Sunset Scents Love on Instagram and Facebook #kimssunsetscents  Are you interested in organizing a fundraiser, a candle party (online or in-home) or becoming a merchandiser yourself: SEND ME A MESSAGE! 

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Quality Guaranteed

We strive to be the best candle company, but we’re also human! All our candles are handmade and yes, we make mistakes too.
If you’re not happy with the quality or if your shipment is damaged, please let us know within 5 days of receiving your candle and we’ll try to fix the problem.
To replace a broken candle at no cost, it cannot be used and we need proof of damage before replacing it.