My Story

Hi, I'm Kim, the owner of Kim’s Sunset Scents. I was born and raised in The Netherlands and now raise my own family in San Diego, California. My Dutch parents named me Kim because Kim means warrior/fighter but the "Kim" in Dutch also means Horizon, where the "sun sets". So you guess why I'm happy with the name Sunset Scents 😉

My dream when I was a student wasn't to become a Candle Lady but a bank manager or a Michelin Star Chef, however after having a restaurant for a couple years and a successful career in the Financial World, (fast forward) a fundraiser for my son’s soccer team introduced me to Gold Canyon Candles in 2016. After Gold Canyon's bankruptcy in March 2020, I decided I didn’t want my love for candles and my customers to go to waste and joined Sunset Scents LLC as one of their first independent merchandisers and their first Californian distributor. I'm happy to announce that Sunset Scents LLC is a Family & Women owned Small Business, which takes proud of producing you the best Real to Life smelling, clean burning and long lasting candles ever, just like Gold Canyon use to do.

We see many Sunny Days ahead at Sunset Scents!

What do I like about my business? YOU! I like customers, I'm interested in their stories and I love to find my customers their (new) favorite fragrances and host rewarding Parties and Fundraisers to raise lots of money for good causes. Our Sunset Scents Candles bring back the best memories and create new ones! Would you like to join me in this adventure? ASK ME HOW! Being a Merchandiser or Sunset Seller is super rewarding, flexible and easy (no monthly minimum requirements).   


Can't live without...

♥ My friends & family

♥ Coffee

♥ Cheese

♥ Wine

♥ Earrings

♥ Laughter

♥ and a Sunset Scents Candle 


♥ Favorite vacation destination: Costa Rica and Italy 

♥ Favorite cities: San Diego and Amsterdam

♥ Favorite color: BLUE

♥ Favorite season: Spring

♥ Favorite Holiday: Christmas

♥ Favorite number: 3

♥ Favorite candle: a Sunset Scents Candle 😉